About PABEX | The Paper Exchange

PABEX stands for Paper And Board Exchange and is a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace for the paper and cartonboard industry. Printers, manufacturers and wholesale can easily liquidate excess stock of paper, cartonboard and cardboard or buy at reduced price via our trading platform.


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Innovative solutions for the paper and packaging industry

PABEX was founded in 2016 by Daniel Jelić, who has been active in the paper and packaging industry for more than 15 years. Looking for an innovative solution to a known problem in his industry he was asking himself: How can fixed capital in the form of stored, no longer needed paper and paperboard be liquidated? What to do with residual stock that is too good for recycling? How can stocks be reduced, quick, easy and at a better yield than through the recycling process? 


A B2B marketplace was Jelić's answer to these questions. Companies in the paper and cartonboard industry can simply and quickly sell surplus stock at PABEX. Our platform also offers numerous advantages to buyers: they can purchase already discontinued varieties or avoid lengthy delivery times owed to bottlenecks at the manufacturers;  achieve favourable purchase prices despite small unit numbers, thus increasing the profitability of their own orders.


Ecological trading instead of recycling

Environmental protection, sustainability and efficient use of resources are very important to the paper and packaging industry. PABEX is a sensible way for printers, manufacturers, wholesale and retail to avoid the premature production of waste paper. Instead of storing yellowing surplus stock that will inevitably end up as waste paper, companies can simply resell through PABEX.


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